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Site specific for Florense shop

For the concept store of the brand Florense we created a site specific acting in different spaces. Consistent with the architectural concept proposed by the architect Dror Benshetrit, we sought to value and exalt the nature that surrounds the space. Suspended, an enormous upside-down white flower hangs, rich in the details of its textures, buds and leaves. Another white flower perches on a pine wood column that elegantly tapers at its top, a flower that seems to dance on this kind of menhir. The flower has textures and shades of white to be discovered by the attentive eye. In the column, at eye level, we have inserted a naïf painting of a bucolic landscape, referring to the fields of southern Brazil, the origin of the brand. Inside the column we hid a small gold fragment, an amulet to be discovered one day. A large raw iron bookcase was occupied by clay blocks in natural tones ranging from almost white to deep black, a reference to the earth of the surrounding gardens. With half a ton of this clay we sculpted blocks and volumes similar to books and bottles, each one unique. In them are inserted wood fragments and carvings, natural crystals and small old stamps. Also glass in unique and organic shapes were created, composing a kind of laboratory formed by balloons, pipettes, connections and glass tubes in sequence. Inside them essences, seeds and fragments of nature. In a niche, Bichos-Pau dwell among large pebbles rolled in limestone, made by artisans of the northeast from sticks collected in mangroves, as if the insects of the garden decided to invade that space in a peaceful coexistence.

Place: Gabriel Monteiro da Silva street, São Paulo
Client: Florense
Collaborator and curator: Aldi Flosi

7 . 2019

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