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Jewellery for Fabi Malavazi

Fabi Malavazi's exhibition space and studio was conceived as a large wooden jewellery box. Corridors and walls were clad in continuous honey-coloured wood panels lightly waxed, and the light coming in through the large windows filtered through light pastel pink linen curtains. Cutting through the space, the long continuous tabletop broken at various 90-degree angles winds its way, like a winding walkway. It rests on very slender feet, mounted with structural fittings in the same wood as the top. A sofa was designed for the space with the same concept of fittings, with a covering in the same tone as the curtains. A large inclined mirror is supported on the wall. The lamps are also by us, they look like horns or snakes in brass that come close to the pieces displayed in the winding table that crosses that space.

Place: Arthur de Azevedo street, São Paulo
Client: Fabi Malavazi

9 . 2018

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