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On the nature of things

"From the Nature of Things brings artists who capture the elements of Nature, identifiable by all, to explore them from the uniqueness of their poetics, creating their own lexicons that complement each other in a unified aesthetic experience full of subtleties, which requires an attentive gaze. Os Manus, in turn, recreate, in unpublished works, fauna and flora - flowers and insects - in three-dimensional pieces, such as sculptures and objects, removing these elements from their original habitat and establishing for them a fictional existence, from their relationship with the exhibition space, which is transformed into a cocoon. The multifaceted production of the duo Os Manus, which brings together elements ranging from the visual arts to architecture, including design, scenography and lighting, becomes an inventory of a Hybrid Nature, as suggested by the title of one of the exhibited works, creating a constant state of birth and displacement".

(text about the exhibition by Janaína Torres Galeria)

Place: Janaína Torres Gallery, São Paulo
Curator: Heloisa Amaral Peixoto

5 . 2021

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