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Bookshelf occupation in Ipanema

Contributing to Studio ro+ca's project of a flat facing the sea in Ipanema, we occupied a bookcase that in its continuity is the ocean. In the large bookcase we inserted raw clay blocks in shades that were chosen for their similarity to the beach sand. Each block was sculpted by hand in shapes that resemble geological fragments but with the proportions and shapes of books, playing with the idea of raw nature contrasted with books in a library. In them were inserted reliefs and drawings that recall corals and shells, in homage to the sea so close. Also old stamps were applied, in a citation to the travels by sea. Elements in curved wood recall ship bows, small porcelain scrolls represent sea waves.

Place: Vieira Souto Avenue, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Client: Studio ro+ca

10 . 2019

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