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Photo by: Pablo di Giulio


Created by Daniela Scorza and Caio de Medeiros F., Estudio Manus in 2024 celebrates 25 years creating and producing art objects, installations and solutions for residential and commercial spaces, always in a free and independent way.  We seek results with a strong conceptual charge, timeless and simple, elegant, surprising and playful, with poetry and delicacy.  It is also part of our history the design and realization of products in different materials and languages produced in limited series or as unique pieces, manufactured in partnership with small industries and artisans.  A selection of rare, curious, ancient and ethnic objects also make up our small universe, put together in assemblages in a contemporary version of a 'Cabinet of Curiosities'.

From 2020, with the nomadic creation project, we will dedicate ourselves to the research and development of special editions in locations around the world, having São Paulo as our base and occupying different spaces as each work demands. These journeys and new paths can be followed on our social networks.

Throughout its existence, the Manus Studio has amply participated in design and art exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, such as 'Talents à la Carte' at Maison&Objet /Paris 2005; "Prix Découverte" of Le Point at the "Design Now! " in Paris 2006; pieces selected to integrate the collection of MoMa Store NY; Exhibition 'Brazilian Design Today: Frontiers', MAM SP 2009 with piece in collection at MAM SP; Exhibition "+(55) Brazil" at Civic Gallery in Barnsley, England 2011; "Frontiers" Exhibition at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan 2012, creation of special run of 111 units of "Espelho com Patuá" for the Clube de Colecionadores Museu de Arte Moderna SP, "Brazilian Modern" at Ampersand House Gallery, Brussels 2012, "Delicadezas" at Espaço Sonia Pinto São Paulo 2013, "5 Lugares" at Hill House in Brasília 2014, Installation 'Flores do Cerrado" at Ingoh Institute in Goiânia 2014, Installation "Blue Goose" at BC Arquitetos space at CasaCor in Rio de Janeiro 2015, Exhibition 'Ensayo General' / at Pokonoma gallery in Buenos Aires 2017, art pieces and Installations for Casa Alva space / BC arquitectos CasaCor São Paulo 2021, exhibition of works at Espaço Sonia Pinto in Belo Horizonte 2021, "Da Natureza Das Coisas" at Galeria Janaína Torres São Paulo 2021, creation of window installations for the Hermès Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro shops from 2022, art objects for Florense shops throughout Brazil in 2021, 22 and 23, sculptures for the Florense "Inside" space and installations for Casa Florense 2022 in Flores da Cunha RS, sculptures and installations for Casa LG by BC architects at CasaCor SP 2023, scenography and site specific for Decameron at the launches of the Back to Black collection in SP and at the Via Condotti space in Goiania / Brazil in 2023, Portinari Ceramic Stand at Expo Revestir SP 2024 among others.

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