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Launch of the Matera furniture

The installation created for the launch of our furniture line for Decameron (which can be seen on the "product" page of this site) was coherent with the concept of this furniture. Large suspended panels of fabric in earthy tones, reminiscent of the caves of the Italian city of Matera in shades that overlap in transparencies and layers, like the mist of the region. Possible cohabitants of those caves, birds raised on sticks hover in the air. Also floating in the air is a small black cushion with a bronze branch on it, a record of the fire and smoke that once warmed someone in one of those ancestral dwellings. Parallel to this installation we also created fabric pieces such as sheets, cushions, napkins in the same tones as the panels, with subtle apparent basted seams and handmade embroidery highlighting the handmade and human character where we represent insects, birds and fish fossils that once populated these caves in southern Italy.

Place: Gabriel Monteiro da Silva street, São Paulo
Client: Decameron

8 . 2019

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