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Site specific for Florense factory

The Florense brand originated in the small town of Flores da Cunha, in Rio Grande do Sul. There is the factory and its administrative spaces, meeting rooms and showrooms. For these places we created an installation translating the history of the company, with poetry and elegance. In one of the rooms there is a large black bookcase occupied by totally white books. We interfere in them with small and simple objects, which move forward from the books by brass rods or wooden pieces. They are wooden propellers, Japanese handmade dolls and old German porcelain figures, populating that place with movement and grace. Another space, also with a large bookcase, was filled with several volumes in solid wood, citing buildings and synthesising architecture, the object of the brand's raison d'être. At the reception, over the counter, a multitude of large wooden insects hover, with a wall of natural plants in the background, citing the fields around the factory and the life that exists there. In the main staircase that leads to the various environments we placed a column in pine wood, at its top a small ladder, under it a brass pendulum, on the column a human figure carved in wood, symbolising the journey and climbing of the founder of this company, the pendulum representing the cycles and the passage of time. Other details introduced are equally important, such as the figures in old porcelain fixed upside down with large and rough nails used to build the fences in the area that we use to signal the location of the toilets.

Place: Flores da Cunha, Rio Grande do Sul
Client: Florense
Collaborator and curator: Aldi Flosi

9 . 2020

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