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The Revolution

This important Brazilian furniture design shop uses its space also as an art gallery, spreading new concepts and paths. Its large shop window is used as a space for exhibitions and it is occupied by a small crowd of articulated wooden dolls, all dressed as if they were female characters from the time of the French revolution. Bountiful printed dresses, headdresses, aprons, each element of clothing was created in miniature with careful detail and finish. These characters were organised, in the manner of a revolution, dragging a large sofa tied up and lined with red threads, like Gulliver being immobilised by the inhabitants of Lilliput. On the sofa, in a kind of castle keep with access by a staircase, both in the same light and natural wood from which the dolls are made, a character in a higher position commands the revolution with a megaphone made of parchment. This installation can be seen from the front through glass or from behind, from inside the shop, in this case through a raw linen with well-spaced wefts, as if the spectator were secretly peeping from a narrow corridor that at the end has fixed on the black wall a small print with the explanation of the concept illuminated in a discreet spot of light. The installation is set in a black environment, enhancing the scene and its drama.

Place: CasaPark, Brasilia
Client: Hill House

3 . 2013

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