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Natural History Porcelains

The porcelains of our 'Historia Natural' line are produced as single pieces or in small series that can be ordered with exclusive themes. Interfering with the manufacturing process of the traditional Fábrica de Porcelanas Teixeira whose owners came from Portugal in the 1940s, where they worked for the Vista Alegre factory near Aveiro.
The first collection created in 2013 was inspired by records and drawings of elements of Brazilian nature made according to the vision of European travellers in 18th century Brazil.
Each piece is unique, created by the different possibilities of combination and superimposition of the images used in the form of stamps and applied and combined by hand, resulting in fantastic and impossible animals and plants.
The designs are applied with cobalt pigment resulting in different shades of blue that recall the traditional Portuguese azulejos and we also take advantage of certain oriental ornamentation techniques, such as the punctual application of gold leaf fused to the porcelain in high temperature kilns.
Small inaccuracies in the designs or even in the porcelain may appear randomly after firing and glazing in industrial kilns, which can be maintained and even enhanced by highlighting the unique, handcrafted character of each piece.

since 2013

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