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Central de Designers, shop 1

For this jewellery project the old cabinets of curiosities and natural history museums were reference. Horizontal display cases in light wood with curved glass, the wooden floor with matted wooden blocks creating mosaics, the feet of the furniture imitating animal legs in hand carved wood and later charred, giving an idea of wear and the passage of time. Also the plaque with the name of the shop was charred. The walls received a coating similar to Venetian blue stucco, creating a beautiful contrast with the other materials. We also used blue velvet on a support where the jewels can be placed, valuing them. On the walls we installed large inclined mirrors, and in them we created a projection that can have its images changed according to each collection or moment. As display bases for the pieces we used brushes and old brushes made from horsehair, arms and hands in articulated wood, old geography books.

Place: Morumbi Town Shopping, São Paulo
Client: Central de Designers

3 . 2008

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