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Farm Buzios

Farm is renowned for its colourful clothes with a huge variety of prints. To highlight these characteristics, we tried to create a space where long poles in light and natural wood form a neutral and straight labyrinth at its base but with the top ends turned into different shapes, creating a diversity of loose shapes in the space and not to be confused with the clothes. Also suspended from the ceiling we placed botanical reproductions of giant flowers, filling the void over the diversity of pieces on the racks. For the racks and displays we created brass supports, tubes, plates and rivets in this material that reminds us of boats. The shop is overlooking the sea of Buzios, so we kept a terrace so that people can get close to the sea, the wind, the smell of the sea air. Some supports are simply supported on the walls in an inclined position, on top of them we placed little bird houses grouped together as if it were a small village inhabited by the birds of the region. On some walls other reproductions in smaller formats rest on long stems, as if they were being offered. On the façade, a mosaic of windows in different sizes also received turned details, dialoguing with the posts inside the shop.

Place: Búzios, Rio de Janeiro
Client: Farm

10 . 2017

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