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M+A Apartment in Vitoria

The furniture was created especially for the flat. The dining table was built like a jigsaw puzzle, with grooves and wood connections enhanced. The bar, too, resembles a set-up game, with various volumes and materials superimposed and opening to reveal its interior. A pink velvet armchair has its proportion stretched in width, occupying ideally the space intended for it. A pivoting lamp was created for the dining room, fixed to the wall and movable to create different light situations. For the toilet position we created a wooden block with a flap that forms a platform that extends along the lining, underneath it a large puff in caramel leather. The walls are painted in shades and textures of concrete and received subtle and occasional hand painted insects and plants to be discovered little by little. The interior of the bathroom was all covered with motifs of flowers and butterflies on a dark background, the curtain is an overlap of several layers of transparent linen fabrics in shades of pink sewn by hand, creating a filtered and soft light.

Place: Vitória, Espírito Santo
Client: M+A

12 . 2017

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