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Manus Studio

In our own space we stayed until 2019 to then follow in a more nomadic way and temporarily occupying spaces with sizes and locations according to what each new work demands. In the second remodel we did, we left the space more open and free, but keeping the original characteristics of the house. The old brick wall was exposed, we raised the roof and kept the original wooden structure, bringing more natural light into the upstairs rooms. A lot of sunlight also enters through the sequence of windows in the façade. The upstairs room has a double height ceiling, separated only by a low volume for display objects. At the double height a large ogival shaped staircase increases the feeling of height. The basement was kept as a workshop for assemblies and experiments. On the floor we kept the original wood or covered it with black cement, contrasting with the original exposed bricks and the light wood of the furniture used to display our objects.

Place: Rua Girassol, São Paulo

7 . 2014

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