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Mariah Rovery displays

Mariah Rovery creates unusual, special jewellery. To display them we created modular metal supports that can be assembled like a puzzle, in different configurations allowing them to have the sensation of floating. We took advantage of the fact that the walls and ceiling of the showcases are entirely in metal to use magnets on the supports, allowing an infinite number of ways to display them. Rods and small metal blocks can be assembled as bridges, cranes and pendulums, with the delicate structures creating airy constructions. Also cushions and cylindrical shapes in natural sheep's wool felt make up the display set as opposed to the raw metal used. Mariah also creates flexible jewellery using different synthetic materials, for these we use displays using natural fibres such as vegetable bath bushes and other simple and unexpected materials.

Place: Shopping Iguatemi, São Paulo
Client: Mariah Rovery.

8 . 2016

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