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Arterix at MADE

Our client exhibited in this edition of "Made" furniture and sculptures in a selection covering mostly the decades from the 40s to the 70s. Our challenge was to organize these diverse pieces in an elegant way, enhancing each element. To do so, we created a sort of "set of sticks" that served as support for each piece of furniture or set. With this we could create various heights and give continuity to certain styles or types, always with lightness, avoiding bases or supports that overlapped each piece. This "game" was created from solid wood beams, with their extremities painted in red to bring more grace and remind us of a children's game. In the elements themselves we created the identification for each piece, avoiding unnecessary interference. We also created exhibitors simply supported on the walls, with the same language of wooden beams but in smaller profiles, to expose drawings and sketches related to the furniture presented. In certain pieces of furniture where there were small imperfections or damage, instead of restoring, we decided to include other materials or contrasting details, in order to value the passage of time and the originality of each piece of furniture.

Place: Oca, Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo
Client: Arterix / Marcos Sancovsky

6 . 2011

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