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Container occupation

Part of the existing architecture, a sequence of several aligned and overlapping containers create one of the areas of the Decameron. This space was occupied by a small exhibition of photos relating the activity of the sofa factory, highlighting its handmade and human character. Valuing these characteristics, we covered the metal of the containers internally with cotton fabric dyed in natural tea, which brought a soft and slightly aged tone, the way English ladies of the Victorian era used to dye their sheets to make them more elegant, being part of the family history. They were applied to the walls with the edges frayed and apparent, showing the weft of the fabric. We also sewed by hand, with red thread, basting to reproduce the artisans' gestures when creating the sofas. Turned wooden pins were applied to the walls, reminding factory places to stock thread and other materials. Some tools, such as small hammers, were suspended between these pins and threads, again reminding the artisan's activity. In the other space of Decameron, a large rectangular volume in concrete with high ceilings, for the launching of a new furniture line we created raw wooden bases to let them loose from the floor, and on them small trees with flowers and fruits were suspended with invisible micro steel cables, giving an idea of lightness and fantasy.

Place: Gabriel Monteiro da Silva street, São Paulo
Client: Decameron

8 . 2012

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