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Florense House

For the space of the former Florense factory, next to the museum created to preserve the brand's history, we created a site specific that relates to its most recent launches. In environments that reproduce living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, cellars, our sculptures and interferences with art objects and installations attribute personality and concept to these spaces. Clusters of small houses in natural clay invade a long dining table next to a bookcase where books have been reconstructed with natural linen fabrics and delicate embroidery. Columns in hand-painted cotton canvas occupy a living room, on their tops objects complement and dialogue with the traces and colours applied. On a kitchen bench, sculptures suggest primitive artefacts and dried fish. Large glasses made with blowing technique lie or float in a cellar. Assemblages and compositions with antique crystals populate the bar shelf. A range of matte porcelain tableware with delicate hand-applied graphics was created especially for another kitchen space.

Place: Flores da Cunha, Rio Grande do Sul

Client: Florense

Collaborator and curator: Aldi Flosi

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