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J+E wedding at Fasano

The place of minimalist architecture, almost a glass cube, was occupied by elements that recall the botanical records of orchids from old books. We achieved this with slightly faded projections of reproductions of these drawings on the large wall in the room, as well as printed on a large hanging panel. The real orchids were placed on tables and other furniture inside glass bubbles, reinforcing the museological character of the setting and also the preciousness of these flowers, some of them also containing rounded natural stones in light tones and other curious objects. In contrast with the architecture of the place, were suspended rough branches that served as support for other precious orchids, these now floating over people's heads. Also huge spheres created with small white flowers were suspended punctuating the ceremonial place, as well as candles also hovering in the air gave magic to the place. Besides the technical lighting creating spots of light and areas of darkness bringing the mystery of museums, antique lamps float with natural branches added, citing nature. For part of the furniture we used pieces manufactured by the client herself, who owns a carpentry shop, thus bringing personality and originality.

Place: Casa Fasano, São Paulo
Client: J+E

2 . 2012

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