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M+A wedding at Alagoas

For the wedding celebration of our friends M and A the wind and the sea are very relevant. On the beautiful beach of Patacho in Alagoas, among the elements of our installation are long cotton bands mounted in patchwork with light linen fabrics dyed in pastel shades, sewn by hand in irregular shapes. They are suspended high among the coconut palms facing the sea, a delicate bamboo frame giving them structure similar to the artisanal way in which fabrics are dyed around Kyoto. They puff up and sway as the strong wind blows in from the sea. Also on the beach sand we placed ribbons of fabric and windsocks on bamboo stems, creating movement and contrast of the soft colours of the fabric with the blue of the sea. The furniture was mostly designed to be placed directly on the lawn in front of the beach, with low tables in raw and natural wood, large cushions in the tones of the banners and lounges also created on this lawn. On these low tables, clay blocks in shades of the local geology look like pieces pulled out of the ground to be there. Added to the blocks of raw clay, herons and crabs made from mangrove twigs by local craftsmen and other elements such as mother-of-pearl buttons and delicate fabric butterflies participate. At the ceremony site, a large sphere of tiny white flowers floats above the old abandoned boat to contrast with the blues of the sky and the Atlantic.

Place: Pousada Reserva Do Patacho, Praia do Patacho, Alagoas
Client: M+A

3 . 2019

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