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People dancing and playing

For the large shelves of the workspace of the company Water Design we created an installation where characters made by artisans from the northeast of Brazil with simple wooden sticks collected in nature represent people who dance, play and have fun in incredibly realistic poses. Along with them, other elements suggest the lightness and transparency of water. So light these human figures, we used bases adapting lead weights used for fishing, which again refers to the aquatic environment. These elements are natural crystals brought from the deserts of Chile, Murano crystal scrolls, laboratory glass containing sand and fragments of stories, memories, shards of porcelain from an old Japanese bowl, the gears of a rusty clock, a suspended pearl, the miniature of a swimmer in a swimming costume! The installation is set in a space where the windows overlook the Pinheiros River and its waterfront, a contrast between urbanity and the natural materials used.

Place: Corporate Center Cidade Jardim, São Paulo
Client: BC architects

2 . 2022

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