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The Blue Goose at Rio de Janeiro

This edition of CasaCor was held in Villa Aymoré, a historic building that was almost destroyed. We imagined a kind of bar or cabaret that could have existed there, a place of joy and celebration, full of stories and memories. With humour, lightness and elegance we introduced certain somewhat ghostly and surreal elements, for example in the figure of an articulated wooden doll that gained height by being supported on wooden legs created with pool cues. Also a chair seems to float at the height of this character, with its feet extended by copper pipes with organic and smooth curves. We used in this installation turned wooden objects that, with powerful built-in neodymium magnets, are suspended as if by magic, causing strangeness and surprise. In the void of this suspension by magnetism were inserted small elements with old spoons, butterflies and other objects that seem to have come out of a cabinet of curiosities, also present in a large old display case. A large mirror in polished copper was placed in a corner, as if reflecting the past. In the large windows original from the architecture of the time we have put white curtains installed on purpose to sway with the wind, an ostrich egg hangs in the opening of one of them symbolizing the rebirth of that old place.

Place: Villa Aymoré, Glória, Rio de Janeiro
Client: BC architects
Collaborator: Aldi Flosi

8 . 2015

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