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Timeline - Glória Coelho

We created a long, uninterrupted walkway that runs through the two large main rooms of the Museu da Casa Brasileira, starting at the entrance hall. This allowed us to exhibit the clothes in a chronological way, giving the perception of time and languages of each moment. The mannequins are just busts, without faces, arms or legs, the clothes seem to float on this catwalk. It is continuous and sometimes vertical volumes appear that embrace the passages and give the sensation of crossing walls. Such volumes organize the gaze and interpose themselves to the horizontality of the catwalk. One of the accesses to the large hall of the Museum was deliberately blocked by a large volume that sprouts from the walkway, like a piece of time to come. The entire ensemble was painted in a bright, pure red, contrasting with the white of the walls and the classical architecture of the place. The lighting was designed to recall the theatricality of the catwalks, creating points of penumbra with focuses on the clothes that hover over the catwalk of time.

Place: Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo
Client: Gloria Coelho

3 . 2011

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