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This porcelain line was also created by assembling old moulds with basic utilitarian pieces. Initially a smiling Buddha inside a basin suggested he was taking a nice bath, his head was coated in gold reflecting the sun of that moment. Other situations were created, a small Buddha inside a porcelain bowl to be bathed with tea. On a trip to Laos we saw temples where the Buddha images were infinitely repeated, so we created a large platter with 20 small Buddhas in ceremonial position, the last one illuminated by a ray of sunlight represented by his head covered in gold. Shiny or matt, also a series was created in a soft shade of pink with the pigmentation directly on the porcelain manufacturing paste, resulting in a very special object. Some receive details such as amulets brought from travels or found in unexpected places, handmade necklaces, strange props, creating their own personalities for these representations of peace and harmony.

since 2005

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