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Matera furniture for Decameron

Comprising sideboards, dining and coffee tables, beds, bedside tables, chairs, stools and a dressing table, it has pure, simple and elegant shapes that dialogue with constructive and poetic details. Instead of handles, irregular cavities recall the caves of the Italian city of Matera. Wedges and apparent fittings are reminiscent of handcrafted cabinetry. Detachable parts reveal subtle patterns. Simple blocks and volumes contrast with wrought metal details or reveal secret compartments. A collection of fabrics was also developed for this line, revealing apparent basting and hand embroidery representing flowers, birds and fossils that might rest in the caves of Matera, in patchworks of rare and unique fabrics, some with horsehair wefts rescued from tailors who use them as internal structuring in classic suits.

Client: Decameron

8 . 2019

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