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Partitura Lamps

Line of luminaires created in a limited series. Their shapes are reminiscent of musical instruments and are given names such as horn, oboe, tympanum, whistle, or musical movements such as allegro, andante, adagio...Made of solid brass or aluminium turned into sinuous and elegant shapes, they can be in metal with natural or matt black finish. Suspended in a row, the protrusions created in the tubes are located at different heights, suggesting the notes on a musical score. The table lamps can be moved like a lantern, or suspended on a support made by casting the branch of a plant. In another pendant model, a simple wooden box hides the light source imagined to bounce on the ceiling, with a metal-turned end emerging, reminiscent of a stalactite. In one of the table models, the dome in pure silver has irregular and organic shapes, created by the artist Nami Wakabayashi.

Collaboration: Nami Wakabayashi

9 . 2019

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