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Central de Designers shop 2

In this second jewellery store that we created for the brand, we have extended and refined the idea of the cabinet of curiosities. The horizontal displays with curved glasses are quite long, the vertical displays are repeated as in an old museum. All in light wood and matte, received internal lighting so that each jewel was well valued. On the exhibitors, having the walls in natural concrete as a background, we placed curious pieces and objects, such as the articulated model of a giraffe in articulated wood, rare mineral specimens, dome with birds in German porcelain. On the façade we took advantage of the existing gutter duct leaving it apparent, replacing it with a large copper pipe. At the top of the façade we installed a large volute leaning over the street.

Place: Morumbi Town Shopping, São Paulo
Client: Alameda Lorena, São Paulo

9 . 2013

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