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Fass / Utópica gallery

For the space of this gallery of historical and authorial photography we had the challenge of occupying a very narrow and long plot. The solution was to grow upwards, creating a block with a large front glass door with a terrace looking onto the street. Access to the upper floor is via a staircase inserted into a kind of rectangular duct in masonry, highlighting the length of the exhibition room. In the large doorway we installed an old camera lens, with all its lens mechanism. It also serves as a magic eye, projecting the image of the outside inversely. On the same door we installed a central handle in turned brass and the name of the gallery is also in solid brass, in dialogue with the camera lens. The furniture was also designed for the space, like a long meeting table consistent with the proportions of the room and a map library where we installed a large antique lens to observe the details of the photographs.

Place: Rodésia street, São Paulo
Client: Fass / Utópica gallery

8 . 2015

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