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Janaína Torres Gallery

Art gallery imagined as the occupation or invasion of rooms on the second floor of a small building. We tried to leave the place raw and at the same time neutral. By demolishing walls and removing coatings, we found beautiful marks and reliefs of the old construction. These marks were covered with white paint, in many coats until each indentation was covered by the paint avoiding to annul the texture found but covering completely by the intense white. Even the floor was left in its natural wood, a little worn out and where gaps appeared in the places of the walls removed they were just completed with demolition wood of different types and sizes, creating scars. As the gallery is located in a small building, to highlight its access through the corridor we painted in orange part of the walls and ceiling and the entrance door, as if it were a projected strong light. As a handle for this orange door we used porcelain handles from an old tap.

Place: Joaquim Antunes street, São Paulo
Client: Janaína Torres Gallery
Collaborator: noz arquitetura

9 . 2016

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